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    Try sensual massage as foreplay

    The best sexual experiences happen when you and your partner are relaxed. What better way to achieve this than by a gay massage? The intimacy of touching each other's skin will bring you closer together as a couple. You may even discover new erogenous zones.

    Work through any tension that has been stored in your bodies during the day by gently massaging. Start in non-sexual areas like the legs and arms and work across the body to more intimate areas. Go slowly to tease your partner. Using oils is a good way to make sure your movements stay smooth, though it is not essential.

    If you do want to incorporate oils, then warming them first, either by the heat from your hands or by using a special massage candle, will make your partner more comfortable. Oils come in bottles and also in solid bars that you can melt in your hands. A range of scents are available, some of the most popular being honey and chocolate.

    Sensual massages tend to use a gentler pressure than regular massage; as ever, be guided by what your partner enjoys. The idea is to build up intimacy, not complete an athletic workout. The prolonged style of foreplay should make eventual penetration more enjoyable.